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Acoustic Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services : St Louis's League Painting

What does the cost of popcorn ceiling removal depend on?
The cost of popcorn ceiling removal depend on the following factors with most popcorn ceiling removal professionals (including League Painting):

  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Square footage of popcorn ceilings
  • Repairs existing or hidden beneath popcorn ceilings.
  • Skylights, beams, etc..
  • Home is furnished or Unfurnished
  • Single story, two story, three story, etc…
  • Asbestos or non-asbestos popcorn ceiling

Because of all the factors that formulate an accoustic popcorn ceiling removal job and estimate, the best way to get a true and accurate assessment is to have League Painting come out and write you a free bid.  

Fill out our online form and we will be in contact within 24 business hours.   
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Popcorn Ceiling Removal in St Louis Mo
Acoustic ceiling, more commonly called “Popcorn ceiling” is an extremely outdated style, one that your parents probably thought was cool and interesting when they first got together. In reality, it was just a cheap way to install asbestos and increase insulation. These ceiling are really great at trapping dirt, dust, and attracting various types of bugs to set up camp. They have a tendency to look a little dingy, especially if they gather any smoke from the kitchen. Particles in the air cling to the little “popcorns” and make your ceiling look downright dirty, which it is. 

Most people have begun replacing their acoustic ceiling with more appealing, and much sturdier options, and League Painting is here to help! The first step to popcorn ceiling removal in St Louis is to find out whether your ceiling’s insulation uses asbestos. If it does, be sure to contact a specialist who can remove it safely. Otherwise, we can simply remove that ceiling and replace it with more customizable materials with a much cleaner look and feel. Alternative ceiling options are much better on allergies because they do not have the same ability to trap dirt and dust, leaving a cleaner, healthier home for your family to enjoy. 

A standard size home’s acoustic ceilings will only take about three days for League Painting's team to remove and replace. For fast, professional, and affordable acoustic ceiling removal in St Louis Mo, call League Painting!
Popcorn Ceiling Removal - Call League Painting in St Louis today!
As you can see from this up close photo to the left, popcorn ceiling was very popular in the 70's because it was an easy way to hide imperfections in the drywall.  Made to look this way, with small sand-like wholes across the entire ceiling. 
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