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To be eligible, you must be a recent customer of ours (within one year).  Simply click on either the Google or Yahoo Local Review Links below and post an honest and accurate review and assessment of our recent work in the Local Maps/Places Section.  Then click the Contact Us Button below and let us know you wrote the review and it has been published online.  As soon as we confirm the review is online, we will send out a $25 gift card to Applebees.  We will mail it to the address we have on file.  That is it!.  How simple can it get?  
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Painting Customer Satifaction Survey - League Painting wants your Feedback.
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Simply Choosing To Take Your Feedback To the Next Level Affords You With A Free Gift Card To Applebees.  The Directions Are Simple: Just Write Your Review In the Box To The Right, then copy your text (hoover over & right click on the comment /review you have written) then click on either the Yahoo or the Google logos below and paste your comments/reviews (right click and choose paste ) and Pasted directly into the Review Field Supplied By Their Site. Then Rank us by stars -- How Ever Many You Feel We Deserve for the Project We Performed At Your Home or Business Recently (Hopefully 5 Stars)!  And Send.

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Then To Redeem, Simply Email Us And Let Us Know When The Review Went Live and On What Review Site.  We will mail the card to the address on file.  
We Realize That Your Time Is Valuable.If You Have A Great Comment About League Painting that you Wouldn't Mind Sharing Online, We Are Currently Offering One Free Gift Certificate to Applesbees for taking your Comments & Feedback To The Next Level & Posting Online!  

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