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Interior Painting Company in St Louis Mo...Learn More
Exterior Painting Company in St Louis...Learn More
Exterior Painting Company in St Louis...Learn More

Exterior / Outdoor Painting Estimates, Costs, & Bids in St Louis: League Painting offers Free Written Estimates!

Exterior Painting Estimates in St Louis are all across the board.  The price depends on a variety of things such as: 1.) When was the last time the house was painted?  2.)  How many stories is your house.  3.)  How many walls do you need painted and what type of exterior walls are they?  Are they clapboard, masonite, Stucco, etc?  4.) What type of Overhang is on your home?  Tell us about the Gutter, Fascia, and Soffit?  5.)  How many windows surround the home?  6.) Does your home have any dormers?  (a dormer is a window set vertically into a small gable projecting from a sloping roof.) 7.) How many posts does your home's exterior have?  And do you want those painted as well?  8.) Tell us about the doors of your home, how many do you have and do you want those painted as well?  
Because of all the factors that formulate an exterior painting estimate, the best way to get a true and accurate assessment is to have League Painting come out and write you a free bid.  

Fill out our online form and we will be in contact within 24 business hours.   
Exterior Painting St Louis Mo