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Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint!  It can truely perform wonders; not only on walls, but on lots of other things too!  Not only do we paint homes and businesses, but we also offer Cabinet, Vanity, Floor, and Furniture Painting in St Louis as well. 
St Louis Basement & Garage Floor Painting Services:  
Garage and basement floors take a lot of abuse - whether driving your car on it, dropping tools or just plain storage - garage and basement floors need a paint with extra strength. Normal paints do not dry hard or thick enough to provide the necessary durability. The paint we typically use is epoxy paint.  

St Louis Furniture Painting Services: One of the great ways to add that fresh and new look and feel to any room in your home is to paint new - including the furniture!  It is very budget friendly and will allow you to save on time and money. Painting your furniture can be a fun way to make your furniture like brand new without spending a lot. When you paint the furniture then you also preserve them for longer use.

St Louis Cabinet & Vanity Painting Services: 
Do your cabinets look old and worn out and even outdated? Have years of use left ugly marks, scratches, nicks and dings on your cabinets? Cabinet painting is the perfect answer for this dilemma.  Cabinet painting will dress the room up - giving a whole new revitaized look to  your kitchen or bathroom. A highly skilled cabinet/vanity painter can give you the help to transform your outdated kitchen or bathroom cabinets and vanities with the new look you want. It can be done in less time than you would think. 

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